MBBS IN RUSSIA 2018-19 -MBBS Admission in Process in Russia

What are the admission requirements and eligibility criteria for MBBS in Philippines?

Philippines offer different kind of Education options for foreign students interested in English courses. Philippines was a colony of Spain for more than 300 years and then became a colony of USA for 50 years. Following are the requirement of MBBS in Philippines:

In MBBS course a student have complete 12 (HSC) with minimum 50 %percentage with physics, chemistry and biology subject. For graduate program students must get 50 percentages during their graduation period. Every university has their different rules but most of university follows this rules.

mbbs admission In Philippines

The total duration is 5.5 years after completing 12 (HSC) in MBBS . Starting 16 month is called bachelor science program and focuses on to build a strong medical education. And The next 4 year is the core medicine and clinical rotation.

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