MBBS IN RUSSIA 2018-19 -MBBS Admission in Process in Russia

Perm State Medical University

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About University

Perm State University (now Perm State National Research University; Russian: Пермский университет, Пермский государственный университет, Пермский государственный национальный исследовательский университет, romanised: Permskiy gosudarstvennyy universitetPermskiy gosudarstvennyy natsionalynyy issledovatelskyy universitet) or PSUPSNRU, (Russian: ПГУ, ПГНИУ, romanised: PGUPGNIU ) is located in the city of Perm, Perm Krai, Russia. Founded in 1916, it claims to be one of the oldest universities in the Ural and eastern territories of Russia. Its current rector is Igor Makarikhin.

Perm State Medical University is titled after Academician EA Wagner. It is recognized by a significant scientific center which is recognized for higher medical education and scientific research. PSMU is one of the leading medical universities of Russia. There is a staff of 569 highly-qualified lecturers, candidate of medical sciences. In the staff, there are the laureates of the State Prize, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Worker of Higher School, honored doctors of Russia, winners of the regional awards of outstanding scientists of the Perm region of Professor PA Yasnitsky, holders of diplomas Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the fellows of state scientific scholarships to outstanding scientists and talented young scientists of Russia, fellows of the Perm region. 87.7% of the faculty members have a medical degree. This is the highest among the medical universities of the country and among the universities of Perm region.

Every year, the university is leading in the utility models and in the number of patents for inventions among HEI (Higher Education Institution) of the region. In health and education of the Perm region, Higher Education Institution plays an important role in the fulfillment of national projects.

There are modern computer classes, electronic reading room, and a center of practical skills and abilities in the University. The University also offers distance learning course for international students. Later, in the year 2014, the Academy assigned the status of University.


  • Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Geology
  • Faculty of Geography
  • Faculty of History and Politology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Faculty of General Medicine

Why Join Perm State Medical University

The MBBS degree from Perm State Medical University is recognized by major organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and also by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The students who complete their MBBS from Perm State University can come back and work in India as well after passing an exam conducted by MCI.

Reasons to join Perm State Medical University:

  1. The students who pass MBBS from Perm State Medical University are eligible to work in any part of the world after passing the national medical exam of that particular country.
  2. The MBBS degree obtained from Perm State Medical University is recognized by WHO, MCI, USA and European Medical Councils
  3. The cost of MBBS from Perm State Medical is very affordable as compared to other countries.
  4. The admission process is very simple and hassle free. Students can join Perm State Medical University without any kind of Entrance Examination.
  5. The medium of instruction in Perm State Medical University is English. This is a big advantage for international students.
  6. The students are provided with all favourable living conditions like sports areas, internet connections with all necessary equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet, cloak-rooms.
  7. Indian Mess is also available in Perm state Medical University keeping the due consideration to the hygiene factors.
  8. Students of Perm State Medical University actively participates in the work of international conferences as University has signed international agreements of Cooperation with 18 countries.

Students’ Life

Students of the Perm state medical University actively participate in the work of international student congresses, conferences, seminars, international volunteer movement. Results of their investigations are published in foreign journals. They regularly train at foreign university hospitals during summer holidays and organize the similar study courses for foreign students. Students take part in with free tour tickets in swimming-pool, sport and health-improving center tickets, theater tickets, valuable presents, receive welfare.

Facilities provided  to the students with:

  • sports and health-improving center, universal sports and training halls, table tennis, billiard, darts and therapeutic physical training halls, rehearsal halls, musical instruments, stage suits;
  • polyclinics with modern equipment, dental clinic, aid posts;
  • dining rooms and buffets with hot food;
  • 5 hostels per 1785 places in the center of the city. (The hostels have their own kitchens, laundry rooms, rooms for study and training sessions, recreation rooms, gym etc. The complete hostel complex is equipped with internet access.)

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